Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Unwrap-up of Becoming Burlesque Cycle 20

Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society was proud to present the grads of Becoming Burlesque. A 2 month workshop where we take the girl next door and make them a whole lot more. This may have been their debut show but they showed us they were no virgins to the stage.

Hosted by our beloved Becoming Burlesque teachers Melody Mangler and April O’Peel who were getting a little turned hot and bothered themselves.

The night begins with wild child Magnolia Wilde who discovers the enjoyment of elegance.

Cherry Bottom is one fierce feline with some stems that goes on forever! Meow!

Classy lady Dee Dee Debauchery couldn’t contain her inner fox.

Jill T Pleasure shares the joys in playing with herself... OK well maybe it’s more like dancing with herself... Well in our world dancing is the same as playing.

Mitzy Boing Boing gave us all a sneaky peak of what goes down in her home once the lights go off. A little dancing in the dark? Yes please :)

Clare Voyeur shows us the cheeky side of house keeping and (pun alert!) she really takes the cake. ;-)

So maybe there was one virgin on stage and holy mother did Miss Doodles ever make us all come to our knees.

After a long night of glamour Ani-Mae Twist slips into something a little more comfortable.

Sweet school girl Reese Kay had a little time to kill waiting for dream boy to call. Lucky for us he had kept her waiting!

Sophistication and Jo Jo Dubois are no strangers, so you better be a big spender to spend some time with her.

Hate to be the groom that Lily Lovepie left in the dust. Lucky for us she choose to take that wedding dress off in front of all of us.

It is a tradition in all our Becoming Burlesque Shows that we showcase a Screaming Chicken’s signature boylesque routine. Gentleman caller Duncan Teabags and darling damsel Evil Bastard tell us a love story and maybe share a little too much detail....

These ladies have worked so hard on dazzling the crowd they had to come back on stage for one final number, choreographed by Screaming Chicken’s fabulous trio Melody Mangler, April O’Peel and Violet Femme.

Congratulations to our grads for a phenomenal show!

A big thank you goes out to Ian West of WeDo Photography who took all the photos featured in this post.

Becoming Burlesque Cycle 21 is still accepting students beginning January 31st. You can get more information about registering here.

For more Screaming Chicken shinanigans come to the Taboo Revue Variety Burlesque Show Christmas Special on Friday, December 9th at the WISE Hall.

Until next time my dears!

Love and Glitter,

Sparkle Plenty

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