Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Graduation Show: BECOMING BURLESQUE 23

It's time for another flock of our chickadees to leave the Coop and spread their wings on stage for you all.

Check out our 23rd Graduating Class this Friday at WISE Hall.
TICKETS HERE: http://becoming23.bpt.me/
FB EVENT: http://www.facebook.com/events/137236839757297

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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Photo by Tony Dathan, TD Images

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mark your Calendar!....

is Coming!

Click this image to go to ticket page or:

Facebook Event Here: 
Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society is preparing to present to you our next original feature Burlesque Musical! 

OLIVER FANNIE is an around the world spectacular focusing on the salacious adventures of a spirited young woman trying to seek her fortune in life. It’s Annie and Oliver… with a twist!

Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society is internationally recognized as one of the world’s best Burlesque groups. They have twice been invited to compete for the title of ‘Best Group’ at the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Tournament of Tease in Las Vegas and have won numerous awards including ‘Most Trailblazing Dance or Theatre Company’ in the Terminal City Vanguard Awards and ‘Best Local Theatre Company’ in the Westender’s Best of the City. Oliver Fanny will be the Chicken’s fourth annual musical production at the Waterfront Theatre. 

Critical Acclaim for SC's Past Productions:

SHINE: A Burlesque Musical

Shine: A Burlesque Musical delivers copious amounts of pleasure by Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight


Dirty SHINE has makings of a cult classic by Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier


SHINE: terrific entertainment rises above shortcomings by Maryse Zeidler, Plank Magazine


SHINE: A Burlesque Musical (Review) by Musicals in Vancouver

http://vanmusicals.com/2009/08/15/shine-a-burlesque-musical-review/Greece Does Grease

Greece Does Grease is innocently audacious by Colin Thomas Georgia Straight


Doing it Greek Style by Andrea Warner, Vancouver Courier


Greece Does Grease: makes plank reviewer feel like a naughty kid by Keira Louis, Plank Magazine


Greece Does Grease at The Waterfront Theatre by Live Vancouver


Greece Does Grease (Review) by HummingBird604


Terror at Rock Out Beach

Burlesque meets B-movie fun in Terror at Rock Out Beach by Jessica Werb, Georgia Straight


Terror at Rock Out Beach, Live Vancouver


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taboo In Review - The Fabulousness that was February

Are you excited for our LAST TABOO REVUE of the spring season??? April 28th @ Wise Hall.
Get your tickets now! http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/195637
FB event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/416001225094983/

Featuring: 7 new Boylesquers making their graduation debut, Disco dancers, Senoritas, Italian Tambourinists, Roboty goodness, Cowgirl dual, treasure hunters, and more!!! Shiny good times.

Well get warmed up remembering the fun we had with you in February!

The evening started off with a lovely ditty by your hosts Evil Bastard and Violet Femme.

Photo above by Ian West

Evil took a turn as a mad scientist as he commanded this sizzling trio of robo-flappers
(Lily Lovepie, Tranny Zukko, Little Redridesitgood)

Photos above by Ian West

Ava Lure teased us all with her sexy jailbait striptease. Red Hot!

Photos by Ian West

She's a good girl. Really folks!

Precious Metal showed us the ways of Extreme Couponing.

Photos by Ian West

What a deal!

Lacey L'amour showed off her classic dance training, with a sassy twist of course. 
I don't think the chair minded. Do you?

Photos by Ian West

This Sex In the City tribute number brought the house down, to end the first act.

Photos above by Ian West

These girls were fierce. Oh yeah! 
Love you Mama Fortuna, Lily Lovepie, Dame Booty Dench and Blush Lane. 

Violet Femme took us for a walk down a sultry street. In Paris perhaps?

Photo above by Ian West

Photo above by Greg McKinnon

Photo above by Ian West
Now that's the kind of girl I'd love to meet!

April O'Peel brought a number close to her heart, and her namesake inspiration. TURTLE POWER!

Photos by Ian West

Miss Connie Cahoots (formerly Connie Lingus) did some major alien ass kicking. 

Photos above by Ian West
There may have been some alien fornicating too. Enjoy Sci Fi geeks!

The show ended with a big old Screaming Chicken group number, with almost everyone in it! 
Pigs vs Chickens vs Farmers vs Monsanto. Let the wackyness ensue! 

Photo above by Ian West

And that folks, is it for February recap. Come see us Saturday, April 28th for more.
TICKETS here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/195637
FB event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/416001225094983/

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Becoming Burlesque: Student Testimonial by Blush Lane

We asked past Becoming Burlesque students what they thought of the experience. Here's Blush Lane, gorgeous mother of two, and her thoughts. :)

"I was a total chicken before taking the Becoming Burlesque class - and not a Screaming Chicken, unless you count running the other way screaming. With a dance background from childhood, I have always loved performing but found there weren'tmany opportunities for amateurs. Then along came Becoming Burlesque. Once I got over my initial fear of getting back on stage, I learned so much from Melody and her crew of amazing talented people. Whether it's costuming, dancing, performing or just trying something new and finding your sexy side, there's something in Burlesque for everyone. And Melody Mangler is the best person to learn it from. So do it! :-) "

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Becoming Burlesque/Becoming Boylesque

This is your last chance to become part of the spotlight before the summer break!

Becoming Burlesque Cycle 22 begins Wednesday, March 28th and we are still accepting students!

This 8 week transformation teaches you the basics you need to know to become a burlesque performer. This includes a tailor made burlesque costume, a photo-shoot, and a graduation show featuring YOU!

Joining in on the fun is easy! Just click here for more information!

Or come to our Becoming Burlesque Graduation Recital featuring our latest group of girls on March 31st! Tickets available here!

Gentlemen you also have your chance, Screaming Chicken’s comedy queen, April O’Peel has created a class just for you!

Becoming Boylesque is a 4 week workshop giving you the tools to become the next boylesque sensation and your chance in the spotlight at the Taboo Revue on April 28th.

For more information click here or contact April O’Peel at april@screamingchicken.net

Thursday, February 16, 2012

TABOO REVUE - Fabulous February!!!

Hello Screaming Chicken lovers! It's almost time for our next epic throwdown of burlesque and variety acts - THE TABOO REVUE - Fabulous February edition is on stage - one night only - SATURDAY Feb 25th.

TICKETS -> http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/195637
FACEBOOK EVENT -> http://www.facebook.com/events/283828975017803/

Hope to see all you adorable sexy selves there!
xoxox Screaming Chicken!

PS: Photo Blog or our epic January show is coming SOON! Stay tuned....

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taboo In Review: 2012 = Nude Year

Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society had a nice long break from the last Taboo Revue Burlesque Variety Show, we felt obligated to show Vancouver how we kick-off 2012!

We had a lot of time to think about how we were going to captivate the crowd at the WISE Hall and well, we delivered a winning recipe for an entertaining night.

The night began with a classic Screaming Chicken trio, the Bananas. VaVa Vunderbust, Joanie Gyoza, and April O’Peel brought back a number that united childlike innocence with gender-bending three-way (Together! At last!).

Photos above by Ian West

The grand Masters of Ceremonies, Connie Lingus and Evil Bastard, showed everyone how they get down with their bad selves and it was VERY revealing!

Photos above by Ian West

Connie Lingus is not only a cunning MC, she is also a very talented dancer. She performed a fun number that we all (I apologize for the what I am going to say next) flip our lids for! (High Five!) In all seriousness it is a delight to see her doing more than hosting for the Taboo Revue. Thanks for the fun number Connie!

Photos left & right by Ian West

Photos left & right by Ian West

Photo above by Greg McKinnon

This next solo can be summarized in one word: SEXY! The VanDolls super sultry, Scarlet Delirium performed an elegant fan dance for the lucky crowd. Those fans weren't the only things that were blue after that number ;)

Photo left by Greg McKinnon

Photos right & below by Ian West

Speaking of the VanDolls, they treated us all to a sneak peak to their smashing success of a show, Video Games Burlesque: PEW! PEW! which was at the Commercial Drive Legion on February 10th. These 9 cuties poured a lot of energy and love into their production and we are so proud here at Screaming Chicken! Get to know them a little better by visiting their website.

Photos above by Ian West

Magnolia Wilde working it, while working hard as one of super-cute sweepers for the night.

Photos above by Greg McKinnon

Take the Batman theme song, give a loungey feel and together gives you the ultimate crime-fighting, go-go dancer. April O'Peel is the dark knight... or some version of it...

Photo left by Ian West

Photo right by Greg McKinnon

Another one of Screaming Chicken's ringmasters, Violet Femme take Taboo Revue to the circus by showing off how creatively she can contort her body and it looked hot!

Photo above by Ian West

Photo left & right by Greg McKinnon

Melody Mangler once again outdoes herself by creating another spectacle she calls a costume. The pictures are going to have to do all the talking for you to even conceptualize the details that went into this costume. Melody's creativity is endless and it really shows through every costume she makes. Absolutely stunning!

Photo left by Greg McKinnon

Photo right by Ian West

Photo left by Ian West

Photo right by Greg McKinnon

Photo above by Ian West

Ohhh man..... THIS number... So lets be real here... This is number is insanely hot! Fantasies that people didn’t even know they had were realized on stage with the Razzle Tassel Tease Show's most daring and most baring number. With that in mind I told myself to only put the hot pictures up which was a fast-failing strategy because they were all hot. So I closed my eyes and pointed to a picture and this is what I picked for you:

Photo above by Ian West

Photo above by Greg McKinnon

Photo above by Ian West

This photo is self-serving as I feel that Violet Femme may have one of the best booties in all the land and I am forever in Greg McKinnon’s debt for capturing this image.

Photo above by Greg McKinnon

Photo above by Ian West

Photo above by Ian West

The hot-aggressive numbers continued with smoking solos by Calamity Kate, Sweet Sashay, and the Queen of Pain, Mama Fortuna.

Photo left & right by Greg McKinnon

Photo left by Ian West

Photo right by Greg McKinnon

Photo left & right by Ian West

The fetish feel continues with this group number loaded with kinky cuties featuring Bobbi Whiskey, Precious Metal, Rita Mortis, and Pocket Venus.

Photos above by Ian West

Even the very fabulous show their wild side as Sweetpea Magee, Lily Lovepie, and very yummy, Dame Booty Dench demonstrates!

Photo left by Ian West

Photo right by Greg McKinnon

Photos left & right by Ian West

More than just a gigolo, Hunter S. Johnson shows us that he can be gentlemen. Voodoo Pixie’s alter ego stole the spot-light with her latest drag king number.

All photos of Hunter S Johnson by Ian West

Screaming Chicken proudly presented the grandest of all finales, their submission to one of burlesque's biggest competitions, the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas. The time we dedicated in rehearsing really showed in how well this number came together and we were proud to share this with our faithful audience! A big thank you to April O’Peel and Melody Mangler who created this beautiful piece!

Photos above by Ian West

Congratulations to the cast for another phemonial show! This is how to raise the bar for the new year!!

Thank you to our amazing audience, Screaming Chicken really does have the greatest fans! Of course we have to send love to our dedicated volunteers, we are lucky to have so many beautiful people inside and out that contribute to the Taboo Revue each and every show!

Finally a thank you goes out to our fabulous photographers Ian West and Greg McKinnon. Keep those gorgeous pictures coming! You can check out more of Ian's and Greg's photos through Facebook (Just click on their names =D )

We will be back at the WISE Hall for all new Taboo Revue Saturday, February 25th! Get your tickets now!

Until then my dears, stay sparkly!


Sparkle Plenty