Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Its true, no more Taboo Revue... until September! We will be taking a break this summer so we are giving you one last chance to take in some Screaming Chicken shenanigans at the:

BEST of Taboo Revue: Part Two
(did you honestly think Vancouver's longest running burlesque show would ACTUALLY fit their best numbers in one show? Mmmhmmm I thought so!)

For the second time we will give you more zany, more hilarity, more sex, more magic, more.... bananas!

WAIT THERE'S MORE: We love you all so much we will be bringing back our million person group number for a second (and maybe the last?) time. Did you see it last week? Its freakin epic people!

All of this will happen for one night only!
Which night you ask?

FRIDAY, MAY 27th!!!!

At The Wise Hall – 1882 Adanac St.
Doors 8pm, Show 9pm
Tickets $20 at the door or $17+sc in

Licenced Venue/19+
Seating by general admission (arrive early for the best seats)

Here's the Facebook invite

Dress code: ANYTHING GOES! Be it formal wear, costume, vintage, burlesque or anything else your creative mind can conceive!

I shall leave you with a little teaser in meantime. A little bit of Lunch Lady baby!

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Until Friday my friends!

Your trusty lusty blogger(thanks for the title VaVa xo),

Sparkle Plenty xoxo

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