Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taboo in Review - BEST of Part One

After what felt like the LONGEST 2 weeks EVER from being on stage Screaming Chicken makes it up by bringing the BEST of the Taboo Revue last Friday the 13th!

Speaking of glorious returns to the stage, everyone's favourite ex-boyfriend and one of Screaming Chicken's founding members, Evil Bastard joined us again to host the night's events. Welcome back Evil, the stage looks good on you and shucks... you look good on stage =D
Yeah you were really really missed Evil.... really =S

One distinct trait that sets Screaming Chicken apart from the rest of the Vancouver's burlesque scene is our group numbers... our largely casted group numbers. So to stay true to who we are as a theatrical society Melody Mangler headed up the largest group number we have ever done in the history of Screaming Chicken. I am talking people spilling off the WISE Hall stage BIG.

So here you have in chronological order... Super cute space explorers vs evil sexy robots:

Did I mention aliens are in this number too?
Screaming Chicken alumni, Dentor wails on the guitar for his excellent guitar solo (forgot to mention there was a guitar solo too...)
Yup you pretty much need to see this to understand, nay to experience what happened in this number.

Our seasoned crazy ladies, Melody Mangler, April O'Peel and Violet Femme show us what a party in your pants REALLY looks like!

We were very lucky to also have join us, Dr. T and the Professor who enchanted us all with magic... fun magic... funny magic...
In all sincerity you should check out Dr. T, he's hilarious and well, magical. Here's the link to learn more about him.

How happy was everyone when VaVa Vunderbust brought back one of our favourite character's, the Lunch Lady to come play with us. It was a fun spectacle and kinda romantic
I love sloppy joes too! See? Food can replace human affection!

If you are familiar with Screaming Chicken already, we seem to have a thing for the circus (maybe its the mass collective of freaks who choose to perform together for free...). But no one and I mean NO ONE loves the circus more than our own Violet Femme. Which would explain the motivation in wrangling up a bunch of us Chickens to present to you all, the circus:
Neil E Dee from Sex At the Circus grossed us all out with his carney talents.

This was all one number... Everything you see above, one number... Thats right, that all happened in a span of a song. Outstanding Violet Femme!

Blush Lane, Diamond Minx and Dame Booty Dench brought some sparkly sophistication to our line-up with their James Bond inspired number. Way to keep it classy ladies ;)

So there are moments in life where you have an over-abundance of flesh coloured fabric and you find yourself questioning, "What the hell am I supposed to do with a s***-load of flesh coloured fabric?" Ok, so I supposed this is just a situation that only Melody Mangler would come across but no surprise, she found an answer: Make a giant penis... or better still, create a penis dragon dance!
Ahh yes may you never run out of ideas Mangler :)

The fantastic photos in this blog were all captured by the handsome Greg McKinnon. Greg posts all the fun Taboo Revue photos on Facebook just click here and here.

The energy of the audience was magnetic and we were just thrilled to perform some of our favourite group numbers for everyone! Thank you again to everyone who came out to the show, we hope you had as much fun as we did =D

If you are bummed that you missed out on this round, you're in luck, we are going to be doing it again Friday, May 27th for the BEST of Taboo Revue, Part Two.

Free this Friday? Well our latest batch of beauties will be debuting at the Becoming Burlesque Graduation Recital at the WISE Hall. (We have the Facebook invite here)
Doors @ 8pm
Show @ 9pm
Tickets: $17 in advance or $20 at the door

To get ALL the insider's scoop on Screaming Chicken you can LIKE us on Facebook and while you're at it, why not follow us for the live play by play.

Thats all for now friends, fans, family!

Love and glitter,

Sparkle Plenty xox

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  1. Will Best of Part Two on May 27th be a repeat of the May 13th Best of Part One, or is it totally different content? Thanks.