Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Becoming Burlesque: Student Testimonial by Blush Lane

We asked past Becoming Burlesque students what they thought of the experience. Here's Blush Lane, gorgeous mother of two, and her thoughts. :)

"I was a total chicken before taking the Becoming Burlesque class - and not a Screaming Chicken, unless you count running the other way screaming. With a dance background from childhood, I have always loved performing but found there weren'tmany opportunities for amateurs. Then along came Becoming Burlesque. Once I got over my initial fear of getting back on stage, I learned so much from Melody and her crew of amazing talented people. Whether it's costuming, dancing, performing or just trying something new and finding your sexy side, there's something in Burlesque for everyone. And Melody Mangler is the best person to learn it from. So do it! :-) "

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