Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Taboo Revue = Action Packed!

Fierce, Foxy and Funny are a short-list of F words I would use to describe April 8th's Taboo Revue... well F***ING FUN would be the best way to summarize what went down but how about I let you be the judge:

Once again CoCo Cinders and one of our favourite cross-dressing femmes; Connie Lingus navigated our audience through our on-stage antics.

Carney seduction is how we opened the show! We were lucky to have some players from the Spectral Theatrical Society and some Screaming Chicken alumni to play musical stripping with some of our lovely ladies.

Melody Mangler and Aida Manic gave us a little thrash in their showgirl duo... so these pictures don't necessarily sum up the number, these girls are on FIRE! YEOOWZA!

Ohhh Romance! Ohhh Bad Romance! Oh Bad Romance understood by the mind of Whatshername as she along with Doc Chocolate, April O'Peel, Violet Femme and Chai Tea share a story of love and lies and DRAMA *note the emotion in our players faces. Heart wrenching stuff happened there people!

Our chicklets showing some super sweet solos.

Don't tell me you never fantasized about counter girl from your favourite fast food joint!

A chick in a box (because dick in a box is sooo 2008!)

Thought you were a dancing machine?

Um... this is just hot...

Just as you were getting hungry for more so were we hence: Hungry hula girls who were craving man meat (mmmmm man meat)

Words can't describe the smile on Doc Chocolate's face. Pictures are worth a thousand words....

Speaking of: We have to thank Greg McKinnon again for providing the pictures for our photo review. Without him, this blog post would make no sense. If you like what you see and NEED more your wish will be granted by clicking right about.... here

Another big fat thank you goes out to our volunteers who shows up early and stays late to make sure we can still put on Vancouver's longest running burlesque show!

Sad that you missed out in our shinanigans? Well you're in luck cuz you have a second chance to glance on some of these fantastic numbers (hey, another 'F' word =D) FRIDAY APRIL 22nd @ the WISE Hall. You can still get your advanced tickets here. Oh snap Good Friday is very very good this year!

Yeah More Details:
At The Wise Hall – 1882 Adanac St.
Doors 8pm, Show 9pm
Tickets $20 at the door or $17+sc in advance
Licenced Venue/19+
Seating by general admission (arrive early for the best seats)

Group discounts and reserved seating for parties of eight or more. Contact norm@melodymangler.com for more info or to make arrangements.

I will see you at the WISE Hall ya'll!

Love and Glitter,

Sparkle Plenty xo

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