Monday, March 14, 2011

Taboo in Review - March 11

Badass boudoir, sassy songbirds and sketchy squirrels were only a few acts that made up this past Friday's Taboo Revue. The band of misfits took over the WISE Hall stage again and, well, see for yourself what you may have missed at our last show!

Once again the ever-so-charming Greg McKinnon caught all the awesome action on film that will make up this weeks photo review (THANK YOU GREG!)

A Flying-Banana-Clown and a giant Blue Pill hosted the evening's festivities. Well, it was really Violet Femme and Connie Lingus in disguise and they were the most fabulous Flying-Banana-Clown and giant Blue Pill to host ever!

We opened the show with some squirrel on squirrel action. The number was so silly you could even say we were nuts *pause for slap with hand on forehead* Another mad number from the mad mind of April O'Peel!

For those of you who have missed the fantastic Cabaret of Copious Curves produced by VaVa Vunderbust and Corvetta Curves in February. These ladies so graciously showcased this full-bodied, sassy number for us featuring Shea Deville, VaVa Vunderbust, April O'Peel and Corvetta Curves with the Sex Luthor.

Bobbi Whiskey and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang show us more than their pasties. These ladies serenaded the crowd and it was oh so aurally pleasing :)

The solo's were just smouldering. Our gorgeous girls had our crowd tingling from all the tease. The pictures are hot but the numbers were HOTTER.

What's better than one girl dancing on a chair? I would say... FOUR GIRLS DANCING ON CHAIRS IN UNICINE! Melody Mangler, Aida Manic, VooDoo Pixie and Yum Yum Doll guide us in the sinful exploration of LUST.

Yeowza! Them gams can go for MILES!

Do you want to know what's fun? Fear! Yes, we make fear super fun. Don't believe me? Take a look at our finale! The spawn of Violet Femme, she really did create a monster! Jeepers Creepers!

These are only a few of the highlights of show that took place last Friday. If you are just aching to see more (and really who wouldn't?), Facebook is the home to many many many more photos that were taken by sharp shooter Greg McKinnon. All you have to do is click here and here.

Looks like an awful lot of fun huh? Well good thing you have a second chance to see some of the numbers featured in today's review on March 25th when we bring the Taboo Revue Variety Burlesque Show back to the WISE Hall. Tickets are still available: $17 + sc online and $20 at the door!

We hold our goal to make the performing arts more fun, provocative, empowering and accessible near and dear to our hearts so thank you to EVERYONE who came to support us!

If you wanna play with us Chickens or learn more about Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society please email us:

Love and glitter,

Sparkle Plenty xo

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